Michael Harbauer

In 1996, Michael Harbauer initiated the SCHLiNGEL International Film Festival for Children and Young Audiences. What originally started as a film week with no more than twelve films is now one of the most comprehensive platforms for international and national children’s and youth film in Europe and also worldwide. As director of the SCHLiNGEL Festival, Michael Harbauer also organizes support measures for the participation of German films in international film festivals, especially outside Europe, with the SCHLiNGEL International program, as well as independent tours (e.g. China, Canada, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam) regularly in cooperation with the local Goethe-Institutes. In addition to directing the SCHLiNGEL film festival, Michael Harbauer is chairman of a non- profit association, which is committed to film education of children. Since the end of November 2020 Michael Harbauer is a member of the Board of Directors of CIFEJ (International Centre of Films for Children and Young People).

Mina Youn

Mina Youn is a Producer and Director at KBS, working on a variety of cultural programs and documentaries. Notable projects include producing for young children and launching for elementary students. For these works, she has won international awards such as the ABU Award, China Dragon Awards, and The Accolade Global Film Competition.

Drf 陳儒修老師

Ru-shou Chen

Robert Chen is a professor at the Department of Radio & Television at National Chengchi University. He teaches courses such as Introduction to Image/Sound, Contemporary Film Theories, Walter Benjamin Studies, and Everyday Life Experiences and Practices. He also leads workshops on children’s film appreciation.

Isabelle Wu

Dr. Isabelle Wu once served as the Vice President of National Taiwan University of Arts, and is currently a full-time Professor of the Motion Picture Department. She received her Ph.D. in Cinema Studies from the University Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne in France. Formerly the Director of the Motion Picture Department at NTUA, Isabelle Wu served as the curator and the Chairman of International Student Film Festival Golden Lion Awards during consecutive three years (2009-2011). Adhering to the rooted tradition of film education and curated by the goal of creativity of film art, the festival has been the starting platform for many young Taiwan film directors. She has also served as juror in numerous international film festivals as Golden Horse Award, Seoul International Drama Awards, FIPRESCI Award, Taipei Film Festival etc. Isabelle Wu specializes in Contemporary Film theory and Aesthetics, European film Industries, Graduation production, Research methodology, and Gender studies in visual media. She has published In the Age of Cinematic Thinking and Studies on Art of Short Films by Great Directors, and has co-written several other book chapters, contributed essays on film aesthetics, and received several grants to conduct film research projects.

Ken-yu Wang

Ken-Yu is a senior festival organizer and producer as well as a documentary filmmaker. She first worked in theater, eventually progressing to the film industry and working with many famous Taiwanese directors, including HOU Hsiao-Hsien, Edward YANG, and Sylvia CHANG. Over the last decade she has been a distinguished curator to many film festivals, including the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Taiwan International Documentary Festival, and Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival (TICFF). In recent years, she has devoted her work to video programs for educational workshops catering to all ages, from children, teenagers, to adults.

Chih-tsai Chen

Iris, Chih-Tsai Chen is the consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist at Taoyuan Psychiatric Center, Ministry of Health and Welfare, a doctorate in Public Health from National Yang-Ming University, and a part-time assistant professor of Postgraduate Music Therapy Course, Department of Music at Fu Jen Catholic University. She is also a director of the Taiwanese Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and a supervisor of the Music Therapy Association of Taiwan. She is a former member of the Advisory Committee for Children and Adolescents’ Programs at PTS and an editorial board member of a medical periodical. She is passionate about art and literature. She also writes books and screenplays for children.

Chien-jung Chen

Chen Chien-Jung has been teaching for more than 20 years and has received awards from the Taipei City Government Department of Education, the Ministry of Education, and Commonwealth Parenting Magazine. He has been promoting video education and media literacy for a long time, not only sharing insight on film and education in Taiwan’s schools and colleges, but also traveling overseas to give private and public lectures. Recently, he has been working as a children’s program consultant and film festival judge, and his latest book is Teaching Children Life through Film. Chien-Jung believes that “if children can remember a movie or a character’s decision when they encounter a certain setback in life, it will give them the strength to move forward in a positive way, and that will be worth it!”

C. Jay Shih

C. Jay Shih is a Taiwanese independent animation/experimental film-maker, also a pioneer of animation education and an experienced curator. His representative works include Taipei! Taipei!, Post Human, A Fish with a Smile, and The Island, which have won Golden Harvest and Golden Horse awards, as well as international awards from the Asia Pacific and Berlin Film Festivals. In terms of nurturing talents, he was the founding director of the Graduate Institute of Animation and Film Art at Tainan National University of the Arts. In 2006, he completed Pursuing Dreams Frame by Frame: A History of the Taiwanese Animation Industry and episodes 4 & 5 of The New Wave of Digital Art, each of which has left a valuable record of the development of the animation industry and creation of artistic animation in Taiwan.

Yen-jung Chang

Yen-Jung is a Taiwanese animated film director and theorist. He studied in the School of Film and Animation in Rochester Institute of Technology, USA. After graduation, he worked as an animator in Buffalo and Los Angeles. In 2009, Yen-Jung obtained his PhD degree in the School of Creative Media, RMIT University, Australia and came back to Taiwan to teach at university. As a director, Yen-Jung has made four animated short films. Moreover, he is a researcher focusing on animation theories and practices. Currently, Yen-Jung teaches in the Department of Graphic Arts and Communications at National Taiwan Normal University.

Chi-sui Wang

Dr. Chi-Sui Wang currently lectures at the Animation Department at Taipei National University of the Arts. She also serves as the Executive Curator for the Kuandu International Animation Festival (KDIAF). In 2020, she was Program Director for the Taichung International Animation Festival (TIAF). With a Ph.D degree in Fine Art, Dr. Chi-Sui Wang highlights questions of the temporality and the contextual narratives of images in her paintings and experimental animation, and her creative work have been widely exhibited and published. Furthermore, she actively participates in the selection of films for numerous international film festivals, including the TIAF and the East Asia Film Festival Ireland (EAFFI). She is also a producer for animated short films, contributing to the production of several award-winning works. Dr. Wang has been invited to serve as a jury member for many international animation festivals, such as the Zagreb Animafest, the Monstra | Lisboa International Animation Festival, the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF), and the Craft International Animation Festival etc.

Yae-wei Wang

Yae-Wei was the head of the Programming Department of PTS for 8 years. He has directed and produced documentary projects for over 10 years, taught idea development, directing, advanced program production, and documentary filmmaking at different universities. He is currently an associate professor and ETMA director of the Department of Radio and Television at National Chengchi University. He has also translated and published books by documentary scholars Richard M. Barsam and Michael Rabiger to widespread readers in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Tvp 陳筠安老師

Yun-an Chen

Ann is an experienced producer in both children’s TV programs and children’s theater. She has worked on children’s TV programs as a host, scriptwriter, and producer. In the late 80s, Ann shifted her course to children’s theater and established Shiny Shoes Children’s Theater. Along with several renowned children’s theaters in Taiwan, she initiated the establishment of Taipei Children’s Theater Association in 1997. Ann published several books on pre-school theater education as well as award-winning scripts. She is the Director of Healthy Grow Foundation, Artistic Director of Shiny Shoes Children’s Theater, and also teaches Children’s Theater/Illustrated Books Theater/Music and Movement for Toddlers in Fu Jen Catholic University and Shih Chien University.

Wen-chieh Tsao

Director Wen-Chieh Tsao’s works are grand and magnificent, while her depiction of characters is deep and delicate. This may be attributed to her background in psychology. So, under the lens of Director Wen-Chieh Tsao, it seems as if one can directly point to the heart and see the soul of the character at its deepest. And her humanistic accomplishments and her spirit of humanism are embodied in the film, making her films always have a gentle emotion and full of artistic expression.

Li-hsin Kuo

Kuo, Li-Hsin, critic of visual culture, PhD in Media and Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London, and retired/part-time professor at College of Communication, National Chengchi University, Taiwan. His recent publications include More Writings on Photography (2013), Interrogating Reality: Politics and De-politicisation of Documentary Film (2014), and Manufacturing Meaning: Discourse, Power, and Cultural Politics in Realist Photography (2018).

Li-hsueh Wu

Wu Li-Hsueh is a Doctor of Design from Australia’s Swinburne University of Technology, and M.F.A. from the UK’s Sheffield Hallam University. She is currently an associate professor at the Department of Motion Picture at National Taiwan University of Arts, where she specializes in film production, screenwriting, film theory, etc. She was formerly Associate Dean of Academic Affairs in the depatment and an associate professor at the Department of Communication Arts at Chaoyang University of Technology, and worked at City Film Ltd., as well as being a scriptwriter and production assistant in the production department of the Hou Hsiao Hsien Co., while also being a jury member of the Asia-Pacific Film Festival and the International Student Film Golden Lion Awards. She is the author of What Kind of Tricks Does a Producer Play?. Her filmography includes the short film She, which won first prize at the Chicago CineYouth Film Festival, and the documentary The Team, which was nominated for a Golden Horse Award.


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