Festival Souvenirs

Collect 4 tickets to redeem "Handy Helper"

A square-shaped handkerchief, highly absorbent, soft, and comfortable, that ensures children can stay undisturbed by sweat during active days, letting them continue to live a truly fun day!

Collect 8 tickets to redeem "My Bean Buddy"

Grow your own dinner!
Blind selection and planting!
Let mystery seeds grow into a surprising dinner~
You can even treat your parents!

Collect 12 tickets and complete the "Plaza Trial Zone - Heroes on a Mission!" to redeem "Once Apron a Time"

Families who love crafts, gather around!
With the TICFF exclusive apron, shield your child from dirt and water.
Let them play with confidence!


You got TIFFI! You find them all!There are others!